my english is not the yellow from the egg but it goes.

and today were it very heavy for me from german into english to change. in two seconds! know you what i mean?

and she asked „what do you like to do in your spare time?“ and i thought after and thought after and then  i said “ i spend most of my time at playgrounds“ and then was it totally clear:

my brain must be flexible more and i should a hobby  find!

but altough have i me good beaten in the 10th jobinterview this year. happy anniversary to me.

and i love to eat clowns for breakfast. red noses taste like strawberrypancakes! did YOU know that?

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  1. Morphium sagte:

    Sicher, das Clowns zum Frühstück zu verspeisen ein gutes Hobby ist?
    Obwohl…..angeblich soll man sich ja durch Kannibalismus auch Eigenschaften der Mahlzeit aneignen. 😉
    Ich gehe mir mal einen Mathematikprofessor kochen. 😉
    Schönes Wochenende ncoh. 😀

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